2021 Pavement Marking Program

Contractor: Precision Pavement Markings, Inc.

Project Contact: Dan Smith, P.E., Project Engineer, smithd@wilmette.com, 847-853-7621


The annual Pavement Marking Program involves re-striping pavement markings that have faded and worn over time.

Scope of Work

The program prioritizes locations in the order below.

  1. Pedestrian crossings on school walking routes
  2. Pavement markings along:
    1.  Arterials
    2. Collectors
    3. Residential streets

The Contractor will also conduct parking lot maintenance (pavement markings) as part of this contract.


Tentative Start Date: June 2021
Tentative Completion Date: October 2021


This page was last updated on May 6, 2021.

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