Applications & Forms


Please see for current information about permits and inspections including PDF permit application forms.

Please click the link below to view and print the document.

Accessory Living Units Handout
Administrative Zoning Review Handbook and Application
Alarm User Permit Application
Appearance Review & Sign Application
Block Party Application
Business License Application
Contractor License Application
Construction and Permit Handbook
Demolition Checklist
Demolition Notice and Affidavit
Demolition Calculation Worksheet
For Engineering documents, please see Engineering Resources
2022 Fees - Construction
2022 Fees - Public Hearings
Filming Handbook and Application
Floor Area Ratio Worksheet
Outdoor Seating Guidelines
2022 Permit Application Checklist
Permits Required List
Plan Commission Handbook and Application
Public Demonstration Permit Application
Residential Plumbing Fixture Worksheet
Swimming Pool and Spa Handbook and Application
Solicitor Permit
Temporary Food Event Permit Application
Temporary Use Handbook and Application
Tent Permit Handbook
Tree Canopy Tree Table
Tree and Grading Notice Forms Only
Zoning Board of Appeals Handbook and Application

Sample Forms

The following forms consist of multiple copies and are provided here FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Please do not print out these forms to submit. Please request an original form at the time of application or contact the Community Development Department to have the form(s) mailed to you: and (847) 853-7550

Permit Application Page A
Permit Application Page B
Permit Application Page C
Dumpster Permit Application
Fence Permit Application
Portable Storage Container
Project Contractor Update Form
Roof Permit Application
Site Development Plan/Contractor Acknowledgement
Tree Removal Permit Application