Commercial Permits

Step ONE: Preliminary Walk Through

While not required, a preliminary walk through can help expedite the permit review timeline.  The Business Development Coordinator can organize a preliminary walk through of your location before building plans are submitted.  When scheduling a walk through inspection please provide a general description of the business including products sold, services provided, number of employees during peak time, and a sketch showing your proposed layout. The walk through will include all Village staff that would be involved in the official opening of your business at this location. This includes:

  • Fire Marshal
  • Plumbing Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Building Inspector
  • Village Sanitarian (restaurants)

The project architect and/or general contractor should be present to ensure the information being shared is fully understood. This will reduce the time it takes to issue the building permit.

Step TWO: Submit Permit and Drawings

If submitting electronically, applications can be emailed to  If submitting hard copies please provide (2) two sets of construction drawings stamped by a registered architect.  Please submit the following:

  • Permit Application Page A and C
  • Application fee of $236.00 (not needed if submitting electronically)
  • Two sets of construction plans (including, but not limited to):
    • Floor Plan
    • Reflected ceiling plan
    • Electrical Plan
    • Plumbing Plan w/ riser diagram (indicate water service size)
    • HVAC Plan
    • Equipment Plan (restaurants)
    • Additional plans may be required depending on the scope of work

Restaurants Submittals

Applications for restaurants or other food service businesses will require one set of plans to be mailed directly to Health Inspection Services, 411 E. Central Avenue, Lombard, IL 60148

    • Construction plans described above, plus
    • Finish schedule of floors, walls, ceiling in food service areas
    • Equipment cut-sheets corresponding to labels on equipment plan
    • Sample menu to understand what type of food will be stored, prepared and served

Fire Safety Submittals

If your storefront will require any fire safety review including Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, Kitchen Hood, or Wet Chemical separate permit applications will be required for each.  A preliminary walk through inspection will help determine if these separate reviews are necessary.

Please develop and submit the plans to our third-party plan review firm, FSCI. Submittal information can be found here: www.firesafetyfsci.comBuilding construction permits will not be issued without approved fire plans.  Submit the following for each fire review:

  • Permit Application Page A and C – submit to Village
  • Plans – submit directly to FSCI with FSCI Transmittal Form
  • Review fees must be paid to FSCI before 10 day review period begins

Your permit will be reviewed without the contractors identified on the application; however, they will need to be identified before the permit can be issued. Also, all contractors must have a current Village of Wilmette contractor’s license. The codes used to evaluate the permit are listed here.  Exterior changes may require additional permits.  Please contact the Business Development Coordinator for more information.

Step THREE: Inspections and Occupancy

Inspections should be scheduled and completed upon milestones in the project. Your contractor will know when the inspections are necessary and generally are completed in two stages (rough and final). If you need direction on inspections, please contact the Village, or click here for more information.

Inspections need to be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance of the desired inspection time. Once all inspectors approve final inspections a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued granting occupancy to your business.  Restaurants will also need a final inspection from the Sanitarian.  Please call for a final health inspection 48-72 hours before your plan to open, to avoid any disruption in food delivery. Health inspections may be scheduled by calling (224) 257-0774 or emailing

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