Variations and Special Uses


In some cases, strict application of the Zoning Ordinance creates practical difficulties or hardship for a property owner. In such cases, the property owner may seek an exception to a provision of the Zoning Ordinance, which is termed a “variation.” Variations are granted or denied based on standards outlined in the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Board of Appeals holds public hearings on variations and makes a recommendation to the Village Board. The Village Board then votes to approve or disapprove the request. Examples of variations include requests to allow fences higher than permitted and additions closer to the lot line than permitted.

Special Uses

Certain uses, because of their unique characteristics, cannot be properly classified in any particular district without consideration as to the impact on neighboring land and/or the public need. Such uses are classified as “special uses.” Prior to their establishment, a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals and a favorable vote by the Village Board is required. As is the case with variations, specific standards for special uses are outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.
Click here for the Zoning Board of Appeals handbook and application.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals hears requests for variations and special uses as required by the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets the first and third Wednesday of each month. Click here to learn more about the Zoning Board of Appeals.