Construction Requirements

To ensure that construction has the minimum amount of impact on surrounding properties, the Village has adopted the following requirements related to construction activity:

Utility Locates

Before doing any excavation, it is important to have all underground utilities located. A JULIE dig number is required on construction permits that involve excavation.  Click here for more information about JULIE.

Site Maintenance Requirements

In general, all construction sites must meet the site maintenance standards contained in Chapter 8 of the Village Code. Click here to see this list of requirements.

Site Development Plan Required

For any construction that involves an excavation to a depth of 3 feet or is in excess of 100 square feet, a site development plan is required to be filed and approved before a building permit will be issued. Click here to see the requirements for a site development plan.

Construction Signage Required

The site maintenance ordinance requires that all construction sites post construction signage. Follow this line to see the Construction Requirements Handbook with the signage requirements.

Principal Structure Demolition – Additional Requirements

The site maintenance ordinance requires that an applicant provide written notice of the specific date of demolition at least 24 hours in advance of the actual demolition. Such notice is to be provided to nearby residents.