Permit Submittals

For general permit submittals and requirements for smaller projects of remodeling and maintenance, see the Permit Application Checklist on the Application and Forms page. For new construction, additions, and garages, see the Construction and Permit Handbook on the Applications and Forms page.

Plat of Survey Requirements

For all projects that require a plat of survey to be submitted, please note that the State of Illinois requires that only a boundary plat may be used for permitting purposes. If your plat does not say that it “conforms to the minimum standards for a boundary survey” or it has a box that is marked for “mortgage” use, you will be asked to provide a boundary survey. Plats submitted for permit must be accurate, showing what currently exists on the property as well as correctly showing easements and vacated alleys, must show the property completely, and must be clean and legible. The staff reserves the right to request an updated and/or clean copy of the plat of survey if the submitted plat is inaccurate, incomplete, illegible, and/or marked up from a previous permit.

Stamped Plan Required

Projects involving structural work or having a construction cost in excess of $25,000 require an Illinois Registered Architect or Structural Engineer signature and stamp on the drawings.  The plan reviewer reserves the right to request a professional stamp on plans for projects that might be less than $25,000 in construction value but are of sufficient complexity, such as kitchens, baths, new window openings, and basement remodeling.  Site work, such as driveways, patios, and walks and open porches and decks that might have a value in excess of $25,000 typically do not require a professional stamp.

Click here to see the requirements for commercial projects.

For townhouse, multi-family, institutional uses, please contact the Community Development Department below or at 847-853-7550.

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