Target Timeframes to Permit Issuance

Permits that may be issued the same day or next day include permits for:
  • Fences for single-family properties
  • Dumpsters on private property
  • Portable storage containers on private property
  • Roofs for single-family properties
  • Sortable storage containers on private propertyiding for single-family properties
  • Tree removal for single-family properties
  • Water/sewer repair

To facilitate a speedy permit issuance, click here to see the required submittal list to ensure that all application materials are submitted.

Permits for single-family residential new construction are currently taking approximately 8 weeks to be issued.
Permits for single-family residential additions are currently taking approximately 6 weeks to be issued.
Permits for single-family residential interior remodeling and renovation are currently taking approximately 3 weeks to be issued.
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