Site Development Plan

For any construction that involves an excavation to a depth of 3 feet or is in excess of 100 square feet, a site development plan is required to be filed and approved before a building permit will be issued.
A site development plan is to be drawn to scale and identify and include:
  • The location of the six (6) foot chain link fence around the perimeter of site, disturbed areas, excavation, and stockpiles;
  • The location of all silt fencing to be installed around the perimeter of site, disturbed areas, excavation, and stockpiles;
  • Tree protection measures for all parkway trees, and any applicable measures for trees located on private property;
  • The location of the demolition or construction sign;
  • Source and location of construction electricity and water, including water meter, as well as the location of any generator and/or compressor equipment;
  • The location of portable toilets, if required;
  • The location of school walking route, if applicable;
  • Routes of access for ingress and egress to the construction site, which will provide protection to pedestrians and minimize disruption of traffic and damage to the public right-of-ways. If the right-of-way is to be obstructed, then an alternate pedestrian traffic plan must also be identified; and
  • The proposed location for storage of materials and spoils on the subject property, including the location of the dumpster(s).
Please create the Site Development Plan over an 11” x 17” copy of the site plan for the project. All bulleted items listed above must be shown on the Site Development Plan.
Submit together:
1.      Site Development Plan
2.      Site Development Plan Acknowledgement (completed and signed)
3.      Site Maintenance Contractor Acknowledgement (completed and signed)
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