Tree Preservation Requirements

Trees provide an enormous value to the community through environmental benefits, quality of life and community character.  In 2021 and 2022, the Village reviewed its tree preservation policies to ensure the preservation of the Village’s tree canopy. The tree preservation policy was amended to minimize the number of unnecessary removals, and ensure sufficient replacement requirements when healthy trees are removed to maintain and grow the community’s tree canopy.

Please see the Tree Regulations Manual for tree preservation requirements during construction.

A Tree Removal Permit is required to remove any tree 6” DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) or larger on private property. Once a properly completed application is submitted, the Village Forester/Tree Preservation Officer will review the application and inspect the tree(s) proposed for removal. A complete application consists of the Tree Removal Permit Application form as well as a Plat of Survey depicting the location of the tree(s) proposed for removal.

Tree Removal Permit Applications may be submitted via email to or the Community Development Department at Village Hall.

Please contact the Village Forester/Tree Preservation Officer with questions at or (847) 853-7622.

Documents and Forms:

Please see the Helpful Resources page for information regarding the care and management for your trees.

For the care of Village owned trees, please see the Forestry page.

This page was updated 3/3/2023.