Wilmette Avenue Street Resurfacing Project

Contractor: J.A. Johnson Paving Company

On-Site Resident Engineer: Jennifer Beckman, P.E., Resident Engineer, jbeckman@gha-engineers.com or 312-806-8727

Village Representative: Ryan Kearney, P.E., Assistant Village Engineer, kearneyr@wilmette.com or 847-853-7629


Wilmette Avenue, from Ridge Road to Green Bay Road, is scheduled for rehabilitation in 2023. The project will consist of resurfacing the street and constructing intermittent repairs to damaged curbs, sidewalks, and utility structures located in the public Right-of-Way.

The Village received a federal transportation grant to partially fund the construction and oversight of this roadway improvement.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for this project will include the following construction tasks:

  • ADA compliant sidewalk ramps and intermittent sidewalk replacement.
  • Intermittent curb & gutter replacement.
  • Repair to driveway aprons impacted by sidewalk or curb improvements.
  • Minor utility structure repairs and adjustments (as necessary).
  • Removal and replacement of the roadway asphalt surface.
  • Restore parkway areas disturbed by construction activities.


The construction window is mid-May to early-September 2023. Construction activities will occur at various times during this period.

Staff will post weekly progress updates from the Resident Engineer below during construction:


This page was last updated on September 29, 2023.

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