2021 Street Resurfacing Project

Contractor: A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc.

Project Contact: Ryan Kearney, P.E., Assistant Village Engineer, kearneyr@wilmette.com or 847-853-7629


The Village of Wilmette implements an annual Road Program to maintain the safety and operation of the nearly 65-miles of Village-owned, non-brick roadways. The program consists of street resurfacing and intermittent repairs to damaged concrete curbs, sidewalk, and utility structures located in the public Right-of-Way.

Scope of Work

The typical scope of work includes the following construction tasks:

  • Repair utility structures and sewer pipe sections.
  • Replace deteriorated curbs and sidewalk squares.
  • Mill the existing pavement surface and pave new asphalt.
  • Repair driveway aprons impacted by curb or sidewalk replacements.
  • Restore parkway areas disturbed by construction activities.


Construction began in July 2021; the anticipated completion date is October 2021. Construction activities will occur at various locations and times during this period.

Staff will post weekly progress updates below during the project:


This page was last updated on September 18, 2021.

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