2022 Sewer Repair and Valve Installation

Contractor: TBD

Project Contact: Dan Manis, P.E., Village Engineer, manisd@wilmette.com or 847-853-7602


The Village of Wilmette combines two utility related programs for bidding and construction each year: The Annual Sewer Repair and Valve Installation Program.

Annual Sewer Repair Program

Through the annual sewer repair program, the Village completes sewer repairs on sewer mains with defects identified through the annual sewer cleaning and televising program. Some of the more common defects that warrant repair are cracked and collapsed pipe, pipe with large holes and voids, and settled or offset pipe. Defective manholes, inlets and catch basins are also addressed through the program. In addition to increasing flow capacity, many of the repairs also reduce inflow and infiltration, which can contribute to sewer back-ups and surcharge of the sewer system.

It has been the Engineering & Public Works Department’s practice to televise, review, and repair all sewers beneath the streets selected for the annual road program to minimize future disruptions to the new pavement.

Annual Valve Installation Program

The annual valve installation program installs new valves and replaces or repairs broken shutoff valves on the water distribution system.  Operable valves are an important component of a reliable and efficient water distribution system. The new valves will reduce the number of residents impacted by water main shutoffs during maintenance or emergency repairs in the event of a water main break.

Scope of Work

The typical scope of work for the Sewer Repair and Valve Installation Program includes the following construction tasks:

  • Excavate and replace defective portions of the sewer system
  • Replace defective structures (manholes, catch basins and inlets)
  • Install or replace broken shutoff valves on the water distribution system
  • Restore pavement, driveway aprons, sidewalk and curb for disturbed areas
  • Restore parkway areas that were disturbed by construction activities


The anticipated start of construction for the 2022 Sewer Repair and Valve Installation Program is October 2022, and the anticipated completion date will be November 2022. Construction activities will occur at various locations and times during this period.


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