2021 Sewer Cleaning and Televising Program

Contractor: American Underground, Inc.

Project Contact: Danielle Horn, P.E., Project Manager, hornd@wilmette.com or 847-853-7628


The Village of Wilmette performs annual maintenance, including cleaning and televising of approximately 160 miles of sanitary, storm and combined sewer systems. Routine cleaning is a vital component of maintaining the existing sewer system to its maximum effectiveness and capacity. Through the televising, the program allows the Village to evaluate the sewer condition and identify deteriorated segments of the sewer main that need repair.

The sewer mains throughout the Village are typically maintained on a 10-year cycle. Sewers are on a cleaning rotation by basin. The Village also focuses on areas experiencing poor system performance as well as sewers that are on the annual road program. This allows defects to be identified and addressed through the annual sewer repair program, minimizing future disruptions to new pavement.

In 2021, the Village Board approved an additional $39,000 for cleaning 5.5 additional miles of sewers to move towards a 7-year cleaning cycle, and an additional $50,000 to televise large diameter relief sewers and trunk lines to maintain these critical assets.

Scope of Work

The typical scope of work for the Sewer Cleaning and Televising Program includes the following:

  • Cleaning sewers using high pressure jets and root cutters
  • Televising sewers
  • Identifying structural and maintenance defects using NASSCO standards
  • Providing reports and videos documenting the sewer condition


The 2021 Sewer Cleaning and Televising start date was March 2021, and the completion date is September 2021.


This page was last updated on August 2, 2021.

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