Stormwater Incentive Program

Stormwater Incentive Program Overview

The Stormwater Incentive Program has been established by the Village to encourage Wilmette property owners to implement improvements that sustainably manage stormwater runoff on their property.  Incentives are one-time disbursements for 50% (up to a maximum value) of the construction cost for eligible stormwater management improvements.  Any property owner is eligible to apply for a stormwater incentive, with incentives awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the dollar amount of incentive payments reaches the annual budget amount for the program ($20,000 for 2023), a wait-list will be implemented until additional funds are appropriated.

The following types of stormwater management improvements qualify for stormwater incentives:

Group A – 50% up to $1,300

  • Bioretention systems (rain gardens, bioswales, etc.)
  • Underground infiltration systems (dry wells, infiltration trenches or basins, etc.)
  • On-site storage systems (cisterns, rain barrels, etc.)
  • Porous pavement systems or permeable pavers

Group B – 50% up to $5,000

  • Sump pump/foundation drain disconnection from Village sewers and re-route
  • Downspout/roof drain disconnection from Village sewers and re-route
  • Yard drain disconnection from Village sewers and re-route
  • Any other clean source connection that is disconnected from Village sewers and re-routed

What are the objectives of this Program?

  • Complement the Village’s existing Stormwater Management Action Plan
  • Reduce burden on the Village sewer system through increased onsite stormwater retention, infiltration, and evapotranspiration
  • Raise public awareness about green infrastructure options as a means of sustainably managing stormwater runoff and drainage issues

How do I apply for the Stormwater Incentive Program?

  • The process is nearly identical to the existing Grading and Drainage permitting process.
  • Fill out a permit application and an acknowledgement form, and email to A site plan of the proposed site improvements, scope of work, and cost estimate must be included.
  • Applications are reviewed and approved by the engineering staff in the order in which the complete permit application and acknowledgement form are submitted.
  • A limited number of incentives are available each year. The engineering staff will notify the applicant if the limit is reached.
  • A permit must be applied for and issued prior to the commencement of the installation of the eligible stormwater improvements. All stormwater improvements must be installed in accordance with the conditions of the permit approval and the requirements published in the Department of Engineering and Public Works Standards Handbook.
  • All inspections must be scheduled and all permit requirements fulfilled prior to the issuance of the incentive payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are professional services eligible for reimbursement?

A: No, the costs associated with hiring a design professional to develop a site plan are not eligible expenses. Only construction costs associated with installation of the stormwater management improvements are eligible for incentive payments. The applicant will be required to provide proof of payment prior to the release of an incentive payment.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Any property owner is eligible, as long as they have no outstanding Village obligations or building code violations.  The property owner must also commit to maintaining the improvements as long as the property is owned by them and notify any future property owners of these obligations.

Q: What kind of work is not eligible for an incentive?

A: Any activity that requires a Grading and Drainage Permit to manage runoff from new impervious surfaces or regrading will not eligible. The Incentive Program is intended to encourage management of stormwater runoff from existing impervious surfaces and not to be used to subsidize management of runoff from new impervious surfaces.

Q: Can I apply for both the $1,300 and the $5,000 incentives?

A: Yes, property owners can apply for both incentives if they are applied for concurrently in the same application package.  Once a property owner receives an incentive, no other incentives will be granted for that property.

Q: Can I submit for an incentive for an existing stormwater management feature?

A: Only new stormwater management improvements are eligible with the exception of permeable pavers and porous pavement. Previously installed permeable pavers or porous pavement will be treated the same as new installations, provided that they are certified by a professional engineer to be functional and properly maintained.

Q: How do I get my disbursement when the project is completed?

A: When the inspection(s) are completed, please e-mail the final itemized proof of payment to A check for the approved amount will be mailed to the homeowner, and a W-9 form will be required for all disbursements over $600.


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