Cannabis Referendum Information

At its July 28, 2020 meeting, the Village Board voted to adopt a resolution establishing an adult-use cannabis referendum on the November ballot. This is an advisory (non-binding) referendum intended to gauge public opinion and guide future discussions by the Village.  The 2020 General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. This referendum question will be included on all Wilmette ballots. The referendum question will read:

“Shall the retail sale of adult use recreational cannabis be permitted within the Village of Wilmette at a business licensed by the State of Illinois?”

To further inform Wilmette residents, the Village wanted to provide additional information that is relevant to state recreational cannabis regulations, Village regulations in regards to recreational cannabis, and helpful resources. For further information on the cannabis referendum, click on the below images.

State Regulations Surrounding Communities

Policy Map

Surrounding Communities

Referendum Map


Past Village Board Discussions, Packets, Agendas, Etc.


FAQ’s & Additional Resources


Additional Resources can be found at the Illinois Cannabis Resource Website.

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