Village Manager

Michael Braiman has worked for the Village of Wilmette for over ten years. Mr. Braiman started in Wilmette as Assistant to the Village Manager, he held that position from February 2008 to July 2011. In September 2013, Mr. Braiman returned to the Village as Assistant Village Manager, in February of 2020, Mr. Braiman was sworn in as Village Manager.

The Village Manager is responsible for day-to-day administrative operation of the municipality. The Village Manager serves as the Village Board’s chief advisor and is also responsible for daily delivery of public services, preparing and submitting a proposed annual budget and hiring and firing personnel.

Under the Illinois Municipal Code, the Village Manager has the power and duty:

  • To enforce the laws and ordinances within the municipality.
  • To appoint and remove all directors of departments.
  • To exercise control of all departments and divisions thereof.
  • To attend all meetings of the Village Board with the right to take part in their discussions, but without the right to vote.
  • To recommend to the Village Board for adoption such measures as the manager may deem necessary or expedient.
  • To perform any other duties required by law or assigned by the council or board of trustees.

For more detailed information about the Council-Manager form of government, visit the International City/County Management Association website.

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