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2017 Value Engineering Study- Review of the 2015 Separate Storm Sewer System Report

In January of 2017, the Village hired a second engineering firm, MWH, to review the original stormwater study, and to confirm that the alternatives presented and the associated costs were accurate and reliable.

Stantec concurred with the conclusions of the Burke study regarding the effectiveness of the project, while also noting that the project could cost as much as $95 million (in 2017 dollars).

The PowerPoint presentations from Stantec’s study can be found below:

2015 Separate Storm Sewer System Stormwater Management Report

This report summarizes the results of an extensive stormwater management investigation of the Village’s separate storm sewer system located west of Ridge Road. This study, conducted by Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. (CBBEL), focuses exclusively on stormwater management issues and flooding within the western portion of the Village.

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2013 Flow Monitoring Report

This report summarizes the findings from a six-month flow monitoring program conducted by RJN Group between the spring and fall of 2013.

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2012 Separate Sanitary Sewer Hydraulic Modeling

The Village of Wilmette has experienced basement back-ups throughout the separated sanitary system and is looking to make improvements to reduce their frequency of occurrence. The goal of this project was to identify the causes of surcharging in the sanitary sewer and provide recommendations to the City for relieving wet-weather induced surcharging in the system.

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2010 Separate Sewer System Study

The Village of Wilmette has experienced surcharged and backed up sanitary sewers in their separate sewer system west of Ridge Road. This is due to multiple factors, including aging infrastructure and inadequate sewer capacity. The Village hired MWH to execute a screening level assessment of options available to the Village for reducing sanitary basement backups and flooding in the separate sewer system area.

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