Stormwater Credit Programs

Stormwater Credit Programs Overview

Certain properties may be able to obtain a Stormwater Credit. Property owners can apply for Stormwater Credits through an application from the Engineering Division located at the Village Hall.

Institutional Credit Overview

A Credit of 25% of the gross stormwater utility fee amount will be available to all properties that are:

1. owned by a 501(c)(3) entity; and
2. operated as an institutional use as listed in the Village’s Zoning Ordinance.

Institutional uses in the Village Zoning Code include the following: Cemetery, Cultural Facility, Day Care Center, Adult or Child, Day Care Home, Adult or Child, Educational Facility (College, Primary and Secondary), Golf Course, Park/Playground, Place of Worship, Public Safety Facility, Recreation Center, Social Club or Lodge.

Detention Credit Overview

A Credit of up to 50% of the gross stormwater utility fee amount will be available to all properties that have stormwater detention in compliance with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s Watershed Management Ordinance (“WMO”). Property owners will have to demonstrate that they have received and complied with a permit issued pursuant to the WMO. For those properties that have installed centralized detention upon their entire property will be available to receive a Credit upon the gross stormwater utility fee amount as follows:

Site Detention Facility      Credit Percentage
MWRD Pre-2014                35%
2014 MWRD Ordinance    45%
2020 MWRD Ordinance    50%

This Credit will only apply to the portion of the property that is improved by the WMO stormwater detention. If the entire property is not improved by WMO stormwater detention, then a percentage of this Credit will be available in the same percentage amount equal to percentage of the property that is improved by the WMO stormwater detention.

For more information about the WMO please visit the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s WMO site for more details on WMO Requirements for Stormwater Management and WMO Permit Application Forms.

Maintenance Required

All stormwater management facilities require maintenance in order to perform as designed. Stormwater detention facilities are required to be maintained as prescribed in the MWRD Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO). Proof of maintenance is required in the form of a certified professional engineer’s report submitted to the Department of Engineering and Public Works. Failure to maintain stormwater management facilities will result in the loss of Credit for detention.

Credit Application Process

• Fill out a Stormwater Credit Programs Application Form (new application or renewal) available online, and email to

• Submit required supporting documentation to

• Applications are reviewed and approved by the engineering staff in the order in which the complete applications are submitted.

Total Credit Amounts

Except as provided in the Discharge Credit below, the maximum credit amount a property can receive, even when credits can be combined, is 50% of the gross amount of stormwater utility fee.

Credit Determination

The Village shall process applications within sixty (60) days of submittal of a complete and correct application package. Billing adjustments for approved Credits shall be applied to the next regularly scheduled bill.*

If a Credit application is denied, a letter explaining the reason(s) for such denial will be provided to the applicant. The applicant may address identified deficiencies in the denial and resubmit a revised application. The applicant has the right to appeal this decision in accord with the procedures outlined in the Village Code.

*For Calendar Year 2020, the Village will accept applications through December 31, 2020 and retroactively apply approved credits for the 2020 calendar year in its entirety.

Term of Credit

Stormwater credits are valid for three (3) years. Property owners may renew a Detention and/or Institutional credit for an additional three (3) years upon the submission of a complete renewal application. Failure to renew and receive approval of the stormwater credit shall result in loss of the Stormwater Utility Fee Credits.

Suspended / Terminated Credits

If the requirements of this manual and/or the requirements of the approved permit are not met, the property owner will be notified and will have thirty (30) days to come into compliance before the Credit will be terminated. Once a Credit is terminated, a new complete application must be submitted and approved in order to restore


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