Managing Pet Waste – Scoop It Up!

Did you know that pet waste can pollute our local waterways? Pet waste contains high concentrations of bacteria and toxins having negative impacts on local waterways. In fact, EPA authorities have previously indicated that pet waste being carried by storm water may be a contributing factor to Lake Michigan beach closings.

Proper pet waste management will assist the Village in eliminating pollution or wastewater from entering into the waterway system as required by the federal government. The improper disposal of pet waste can place the health of you and others at risk and is unlawful under Village Code, so be a good neighbor and pet owner by picking up and properly disposing of your pet’s waste, and consider the following:

• Never discard pet waste into a storm drain or catch basin.
• Carry a plastic bag to pick up after your pet, seal bag tightly and dispose of in the trash.
• Remember to first separate out solid waste from kitty litter before flushing.
• Dig a 1 foot hole in your yard, place 3 inches of waste at the bottom and backfill with soil; be sure to locate away from any vegetable gardens, surface
water and ground water access.
• Don’t add pet waste to compost piles or use as a fertilizer.
• Follow all Village Code provisions for dog walking, control of defecation, and compost piles.
• Wash your hands with warm, soapy water after dealing with pet waste!