Sewer System Improvements

Since 1992, the Village has spent more than $40 million in improvements to the sewer system.  These improvements include sewer main replacement and repairs, sewer lining and the installation of relief sewers.  All of these improvements are intended to reduce flooding throughout the community.

Sewer repairs include replacement of deteriorated sewer mains and defective sewer service connections. Repairs focus on sewers which show signs of collapse, excessive cracking, voids or gaps between pipes, and faulty service connections. Often times, sewer main repairs are necessary to prepare a sewer pipe for sewer lining.

Sewer lining is a non-invasive technique to rehabilitate sewers by eliminating infiltration, structural defects and root intrusion. Sewer lining does not require excavation or disruption to traffic. It is a cost-effective process which allows the Village to repair sewer lines with less disruption than the excavation method.