Cross Connection Control

Is Your Lawn Sprinkler System in Compliance?

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Code, Illinois Plumbing Code, and Wilmette Village Code have long required that cross connection control devices (C.C.C.D.’s) be installed on all lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, spas, and other potentially hazardous cross connection locations.  This in an effort to keep the public water supply safe. These C.C.C.D.’s protect the public water supply by preventing potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the Village’s water supply.

The Codes also require that the C.C.C.D.’s be tested and certified annually to ensure that they are working properly.

All Village of Wilmette residents who have a lawn sprinkler system, swimming pool, spa, and the like are required to have a C.C.C.D. installed and are responsible for hiring a licensed C.C.C.D. testing contractor to perform an annual test and certification of the backflow assembly.  This test is to be performed and submitted prior to any system activation in the spring.  (Prior to turning sprinkler system, pool, spa on for the season.)

The Village of Wilmette has partnered with BSI Online to assist with the administration of the backflow prevention program and, in particular, with accepting test report submittals. Test reports are to be submitted by the licensed C.C.C.D. testing contractor directly via BSI Online.

Village residents may also visit the BSI Online website at to verify when their backflow test report has been filed, access a list of licensed C.C.C.D testing contractors in the area, or to simply learn more about backflow hazards.

BSI Online can also be contacted via e-mail ( or phone (800-414-4990) should residents have any questions.

Residents may also contact Andy Lazar at the Village of Wilmette Water Meter Dept. should they have any questions via e-mail ( or phone (847-853-7537).