Water Management Department


847-853-7535 (24 hrs)
200 Lake Ave
Wilmette, IL 60091


The Water Management department is responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of various water and wastewater infrastructure. These facilities include:

Drinking Water

  • Carbon P. Dubbs Water Treatment Plant.
    • This award winning water treatment facility provides drinking water for the nearly 150,000 residents of Wilmette, Village of Glenview, Village of Golf, Village of Kenilworth, and portions of Prospect Heights and unincorporated Maine Township. The water plant was originally constructed in 1933; see the history of the water plant here and more information on the plant and treatment process here.
  • Water Meter-shop. 
    • The Water Meter Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all residential and commercial water meters located within the Village as well as reading the water consumption of all customers.
  • 4.0 MG standpipe.stndp
    • The 130 feet tall standpipe provides additional storage of drinking water for emergencies, fire protection and pressurizes the water distribution system. The standpipe was built in 1956.
  • 3.0 MG reservoir and booster pumping station.
    • The reservoir provides an additional storage of drinking water and pumping capacity up to 9 MGD. The reservoir was constructed in 1989.
  • Two master metering Vaults with Glenview.
    • Four master meters, located in underground vaults, measure the wholesale water consumption by the Village of Glenview and its satellite customers.

Storm and Sanitary Water

  • Storm Water Pumping Station (SWPS).
    • The SWPS is owned and operated by the Village and it pumps the storm-water and street drainage from the separate sewer system on the west side of the Village (west of Ridge Road) to the North Branch of the Chicago River. See additional information here.
  • Neighborhood Storage Project (NSP) facilities.
    • Underground storage reservoirs hold excess storm-water during heavy rain rain events to reduce the threat of street and basement flooding.  Three different structures, located below Hibbard Park, Thornwood Park, and Community Playfield, can hold a combined 13 million gallons of storm-water. Pump stations return the water to the storm-sewers once levels subside.
  • 5.0 MG West Park Sanitary Storage and Pumping Station.
    • This facility consists of a 5.5 million gallon reservoir constructed under West Park.  The underground reservoir holds excess sanitary sewer flows during rain events, reducing the severity and frequency of sewer backups for over 1300 homes in west Wilmette.  This excess water is pumped back into the sewer system once the sever event is over.
  • 1.0 MG Pump-Over Lift Station.
    • This station works in conjunction with the West Park Sanitary Storage and Pumping Station by pumping a portion of sanitary sewer flows around a check-valve within the 36-inch sanitary sewer main under Lake Avenue. The check-valve closes during heavy rain and prevents the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) flows from backing up into Wilmette.

Staff Directory

Tim Amorella
Assistant Director
Peter Kumiega
Maintenance Supervisor
(847) 853-7538
Andy Lazar
Meter Shop Supervisor
(847) 853-7537
Stefanie Ladao
Water Quality Chemist
Quafisheh, Nabil
Water Management Director