West Park Storage and Pumping Station

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This facility is designed to reduce sewer-related basement backups and increase the capacity of the sanitary sewer system for over 1300 homes in the west side of the Village during rain events.

The main components of this facility:

  • A 5.5 million gallon reservoir which is completely underground covered by the Park District turf field.
  • A control building that houses various mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Odor control system.
  • New piping to connect the facility to the existing sanitary system.wpsps3
  • Various vaults and manholes.
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment to operate the facility that include:
    • 8 pumps of various purposes and sizes from 0.5 horsepower to 10 horsepower.
    • 40 horsepower blower for the odor control system.
    • 6 motorized valves to operate the pumps.
    • 225 kW backup generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).
    • Various sensors to monitor the levels and air quality.
    • 3 exhaust fans and 4 electrical heaters.

The West Park facility is monitored 24/7 by the Water Management Department staff at its C.P. Dubbs Water plant via a state the art computerized system.


To minimize the impact of flooding to your home, please click on the following link: